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W. Bro. R. Sushil Raj PG Mars P Dy RGM

Assistant Regional Grand Master
Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India.

December 2004

Report on Activities of Lodges for the period ending
30th December 2004

1. Lodge Southern Cross No. 46 Palayamkottai
No Ceremony done. Election Meeting.

2. Lodge Trivandrum No. 168 Thiruvananthapuram
At the regular meeting the Memorial service of W.Bro.R.Gainneos, PM (1974), who was called to the Grand Lodge Above on 26th Novenber 2004 was conducted. W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj ARGM , the nephew of the departed brother conducted the ceremony. The oration was given by W.Bro.Dr.R.Ravi Kumar. As part of Dhanya - Dhan, 10 kgs of rice was given to the needy. Election Meeting.

On the 26th of Dec. an emergency meeting was held to present 25 years Long Term Service jewel to W.Bro. Dr.G.R.Nandakumar. W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj represented the RGM for the meeting and presented the jewel.

3. Lodge Kottayam No. 245 Kottayam
'Ladies Nite'. No Ceremony done.

4. Lodge Vivekananda No. 254 Kanyakumari
On the 22nd of Dec. RWC II stage. Dummy candidate.
On the 1st of Jan.2005 Election Meeting.

5. Lodge Vanchinad No. 273 Kollam
Passing ceremony of Bro.Shashidharan Menon. W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj ARGM was present.

6. Lodge Alleppey No. 275 Alleppey
No ceremony done.

7. Lodge Ananthapadmanabha No. 280 Trivandrum
Election meeting. No ceremony done. The Installation meeting was held on the 2nd of January 2005. W.Bro.S.K.Mohan took over as the new WM. W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj ARGM represented the RGM at the meeting. It was the last Installation meeting of the ARGM representing the RGM W.Bro.R.Rajiv Raj who acted as the RGD of C at the first Installation meeting represented by the ARGM was there as the RGD of C for the last representation.

8. Lodge Tamiravarni No. 289 Tirunelveli
December meeting was Election Meeting.
The installation meeting was held on the 1st of January 2005. W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj ARGM represented the RGM. W.Bro.V.Arumugam was installed in the eastern chair by the ARGM. W.Bro.T.J.Babu Sebatian PM Lodge Palai was the Ag RGD f C. As part of their charity programme the lodge presented cakes and snacks to a Deaf & Dumb Home. 150 pairs of chappals were presented to a Blind School.

9. Lodge Pearl City No. 290 Thoothukudi
November Meeting was postponed to the 4th of December because of Grand Festival. Was Past Masters’ Day. The Raising Ceremony of A.G.Balaji was done. On the24th of December Bro. Walter Motha was initiated for the RWC II stage.
Election Meeting
On the 11th of Dec. the Lodge organized “Sagodara Sangamam “ a farewell to our beloved RGM in a very Grand manner (report enclosed)

10. Lodge Aruvi No. 293 Courtallam
Meeting was held in Trivandrum. No ceremony done. Election Meeting.

11. Lodge Palai No. 318 Palai
No ceremony. Election Meeting.

12. Lodge Travancore No. 329 Thiruvananthapuram.
Installation Ceremony of W.Bro.James Verghese. W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj ARGM, the founder Master of the Lodge represented the RGM at the installation. A Grand gathering of nearly 100 masons and about 40 ladies & children were present. A financial assistance of Rs.5000/- was given to a needy student as part of charity programme before the meeting The Ladies of the Fraternity also had the new team taking over. Mrs.Premalatha Santhikumar as Chairperson, Mrs.Reena Sudheesh a Secy. And Mrs. Sarah Kuruvila as the Tresasurer.



The brethren of Lodge Pearl City No.290 had organized an area meet for the ARGM on the 11th of December 2004. The gala event was named “Sagodara Sangamam”. It was an evening of farewell to our beloved RGM. It was organized on the lawns of Sagar Sadan, an very enthralling venue. Masons from all over the region attended the function. The three DyRGMs’ of the 3 years, ARGMs’ Past and Present. The three RGD of Cs’, The two RGL Secys. PRGM R.W.Bro.K.R.Rajasekharan Nayar and many prominent brethren were present. W.Bro.V.G Madhusudhan , the singing sensation of the region , broke the silence with his power-filled prayer song. After a brief introduction by W.Bro.S.Krishnan WM of Lodge Pearl City, the ARGM W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj welcomed the gathering, As the welcome came to an end, our beloved RGM ‘Biswa” was ushered to the dais by his two D of Cs’ W.Bro.VGM & W.Bro.AP Chitra and received by his first D of C W.Bro.Sushil. The RGM gave vent to his feelings. The area recognition for performers were done. Many brethren shared their memories with the RGM. On behalf of the ruling ARGMs’ a silver plaque was presented to the RGM. VGMs’ theme song for the evening was echoing in every ones ears for many a days. A very memorable evening of music, dance and brotherhood.


The Last Note..

It has been a year of togetherness. Every lodge in the area has performed very creditably. I have no words to express my appreciation and grateful thanks to the WMs, Secys & brethren of the Lodges for giving all support and cooperation. I could visit all the twelve Lodges more than once and the hospitality, love and affection of the brethren has been beyond belief. This year all the 12 lodges did have many occasions to interact with each other and there been more fellowship and interactions between them. I pray this is only a beginning. May this go on forever and may our fraternity grow.

I very sincerely thank the WM & brethren of Lodge Trivandrum No.168, for offering me this space in their web-site. My monthly reports have been a great boost to the activities of our area My thanks to W.Br.A.Jayapalan and Bro.P.Vijay kumar who made this a reality.

Bye Brethren.



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