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W. Bro. R. Sushil Raj PG Mars P Dy RGM

Assistant Regional Grand Master
Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India.

February 2004
All Lodges for Kind Attention and Action
  1. Workshop on ‘Ritual Working Competition – 2004’, to be held in Kollam on Sunday 4th April 2004. All lodges to take part.
  2. A meeting of WMs and Secretaries of all the Lodges of the area after the workshop.
  3. Agenda

    * To Fix the dates of Ritual Working competition which has to be completed before 31st July 2004.

    * Report from the WMs on how to successfully implement the 25 point programme of RW the RGM

    * Steps taken by the Lodges on Cir. No. 37/2004 of RGL of SI regarding GLI Cir. No. 574 dated 23rd Dec. 2003

    * Any other matter which Lodges want to bring forward for discussion.
  4. Payment of Rs. 1500/- from each Lodge towards the contribution for Newsletter - Masonsouth.
Report on Activities of Lodges

1. Lodge Southern Cross No. 46 Palayamkottai
No ceremonies and no activities reported.

2. Lodge Trivandrum No. 168 Thiruvananthapuram
Bro. A.S. Benroy was installed as the WM on the 7th of February 2004. W. Bro. R. Sushil Raj ARGM represented RW. the RGM at the installation. W.Bro. P.S. Pandian ARGM of Chennai area was present. Financial assistance of Rs. 5,000/- was given to two needy students as part of charity. 95 brethren and 39 ladies were present at the banquet.

3. Lodge Kottayam No. 245 Kottayam
Second Degree Working was done to pass Bro. Jijo Jacob

4. Lodge Vivekananda No. 254 Kanyakumari
Bro. Dr. M. Sadiq Hussain was installed in the Eastern chair by his father V.W. Bro.Dr. A.P.M. Abdul Khadir on the 21st of February 2004. W. Bro. R. Sushil Raj ARGM represented RW the RGM at the installation. A sum of Rs. 1,000/- given to Trinity rural and urban empowerment trust and Rs. 1,000/- as financial assistance to a poort lady were the charity programmes that evening.

5. Lodge Vanchinad No. 273 Kollam
As the candidate was unavoidably absent, the ceremony of initiation was postponed.

6. Lodge Alleppey No. 275 Alleppey
Bro. N.C. J. Rajan was installed by R. W.Bro. M. Himmatlal, as the WM on 19th February 2004. W.Bro. R. Sushil Raj ARGM represented RW the RGM at the installation.

7. Lodge Ananthapadmanabha No. 280 Trivandrum
Raising ceremony of Bro. P.N. Mohanan was done.

8. Lodge Tamiravarni No. 289 Tirunelveli
First degree ceremony done with a ‘dummy’ candidate was done.

9. Lodge Pearl City No. 290 Thoothukudi
Bro. Lloyd Anand Morais initiatied on 31.5.2003 was passed to the degree of FC

10. Lodge Aruvi No. 293 Courtallam
Bro. A. Ravindran was installed as WM on the 22nd of February 2004. R.W. the RGM R. W. Bro. Dr. Balram Biswakumar PAGM was present. Financial assistance of Rs. 2,000/- each were given to 3 needy students and a sewing machine costing Rs. 2,000/- was given to a poor lady.

11. Lodge Palai No. 318 Palai
There is no regular meeting during the month of February.

12. Lodge Travancore No. 329 Thiruvananthapuram.
Initiation ceremony of Bro. Satish Prabhu was done.

13. Kerala Masters’ Lodge No. 309
W.Bro. G. Hirendra Kammath was installed as WM on the 29th of February 2004. W. Bro. Dr. Jayanth ARGM represented RW the RGM.


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