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W. Bro. R. Sushil Raj PG Mars P Dy RGM

Assistant Regional Grand Master
Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India.

July 2004

Report on Activities of Lodges for the period ending 31st July 2004

1. Lodge Southern Cross No. 46 Palayamkottai
Raising Ceremony of Bro.Ganapathy Sargunan.

2. Lodge Trivandrum No. 168 Thiruvananthapuram
Ritual working Competition. Passing Ceremony of Bro. Chacko Verghese. A sum of Rs.500/- and 20kg of rice was given to a widow and her daughter studying in 10th std. as charity.

3. Lodge Kottayam No. 245 Kottayam
Ritual Working Competition. Passing Ceremony of Bro. Suresh Ninan.

4. Lodge Vivekananda No. 254 Kanyakumari
MW The GM M.W.Bro.Arun Chintopanth OSM presented the 50 year LTS Jewel to W.Bro.K.Padmanabhan and RW the RGM presented 25 LTS Jewel to W.Bro.Dr.G.Raghuvaran at the regular meeting held on 10th July 2004. MW the GM presented calipers to a lame child aged 8years, whose corrective surgery was done free of cost by Dr.Mohandas as part of the Lodge's charity program, the project costing about 17750/-. MW the GM also inaugurated the Areas' Dhanya Dhan Program by giving to 5 needy organizations 500 kgs. of rice sponsored by the Lodge. (See the Dhanya Dhan Day Report further down this page, for more details)

5. Lodge Vanchinad No. 273 Kollam
Ritual Working Competition. Passing Ceremony of Bro.K.Harsha Kumar.

6. Lodge Alleppey No. 275 Alleppey
Ritual Working Competition. Passing Ceremony with 'Dummy Candidate'.

7. Lodge Ananthapadmanabha No. 280 Trivandrum
Ritual working Competition. Passing Ceremony of Bro.P.Sudhir. The WM and his team did a ceremony of Passing in Lodge Palai No.318.

8. Lodge Tamiravarni No. 289 Tirunelveli
No Ceremony done.

9. Lodge Pearl City No. 290 Thoothukudi
Ritual Working Competition. Passing Ceremony of Bro.Vijay Damani. 100kgs of rice and 50kgs of dal was given to the Cheshire Home Tuticorin, by the ARGM W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj, as part of the Lodge's Charity programme on the day of the meeting. The WM and his officers visited Lodge Aruvi No.293 and conducted a Ceremony of initiation.

10. Lodge Aruvi No. 293 Courtallam
Initiation Ceremony of Bro. Jaganatha Raja Pratap. The Ceremony was done by the WM and officers of Lodge Pearl City No.290 in an inter lodge visit.

11. Lodge Palai No. 318 Palai
Ritual Working Competition was held by dispensation in Trivandrum at an emergency meeting. The passing ceremony was done with a 'dummy candidate'. At the regular meeting, Bro.G.M.George was passed to the degree of FC by a the WM and the officers of Lodge Ananthapadmanabha No.280

12. Lodge Travancore No. 329 Thiruvananthapuram.
Ritual Working Competition was held by dispensation at an emergency meeting. The Passing Ceremony of Bro.T.Rajasekharan Nair was done. Grand Lodge Certificate was presented to Bro.Anand Devaprasath. At the regular meeting W.Bro.P.Balachandran Nair passed to the degree of FC, his son Bro. Harikrishnan. The ARG M W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj was the SD and W.Br.D.Santhikumar explained the TB. The Worshipful Master did the ceremony of initiation of Mr. B.Mohan Kumar, in the same meeting.


Report on the Dhanya Dhan day celebrated by the Lodges
of the Area on the 10th/11th July 2004

All the 12 Lodges of our area took part actively in the 'Dhanya Dhan' programme organized on the 10th and 11th of July 2004, coinciding with the first visit of MW. The Grand Master MW Bro. Arun Chintopanth OSM to our area. The programme was inaugurated by MW The Grand Master on Saturday, the 10th of July 2004, 5.30 p.m. at the Vivekananda Masonic Trust hall, Kanyakumari, in the presence of R.W.Bro.Dr. Balaram Biswakumar, RW The Regional Grand Master. 500kgs. of rice was distributed to various charitable organizations. W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj the ARGM, WM of Lodge Vivekananda and other brethren were present. The following morning the other Lodges took part in the programme in their respective towns, the details of which are given below.


Lodge Southern Cross No.46

- 50 kgs. Mother Teresa Home
- 50 kgs. Bharadwaj Mandir


Lodge Trivandrum No.168

100 kgs. C.S.I. Balamandir


Lodge Kottayam No.245

100 kgs. Agadhi Mandiram


Lodge Vivekananda No.254

- 100 kgs Al-Moumin Yatheem Ghana
- 100 kgs Ramananda Ashram
- 100 kgs CSI. Blind School for Boys
- 100 kgs C.S.I. Blind School for Girls
- 100 kgs St. Josephs Home for Aged


Lodge Vanchinad No.273

100 kgs S.S. Samithi Destitute Home


Lodge Alleppey No.275

100 kgs Old Age Home


Lodge Ananthapadmanabha No. 280

300 kgs Mahila Samajam Orphanage


Lodge Tamiravarni No.289

50 kgs Vivekanada Ashram


Lodge Pearl City No. 290

- 50kgs Armugaswamy Anbu Ashram
- 50kgs Little Sisters of the Poor
- 50kgs Polio Home


Lodge Aruvi No.293

50 kgs Om Pranav Ashram


Lodge Palai No.318

100 kgs Destitute Home


Lodge Travancore No.329

444 kgs Yatheem Ghana


A total quantity of Two Thousand Four Hundred and Fourty Four Kilogrammes of rice was distributed by all the Lodges.



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