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W. Bro. R. Sushil Raj PG Mars P Dy RGM

Assistant Regional Grand Master
Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India.

September 2004

Report on Activities of Lodges for the period ending
30th September 2004

1. Lodge Southern Cross No. 46 Palayamkottai
No Ceremony done. A sum of Rs.2000/- was given to the RGL towards medical expense of Mrs.Renuka.

2. Lodge Trivandrum No. 168 Thiruvananthapuram
Raising Ceremony of Bro.Chacko Verghese. As part of Dhanya Dhan program, 20 kgs of rice was given to two needy persons. The Lodge has given Rs.2700/- to the RGL towards medical expense of Mrs.Renuka.

3. Lodge Kottayam No. 245 Kottayam
Raising Ceremony of Bro. Jijo Jacob.

4. Lodge Vivekananda No. 254 Kanyakumari

There were two meetings during the month. Bro.P.Clement was passed in the regular meeting. A team from Lodge Engineers No.340 Chennai, visited the Lodge on the 25th of Sept. and did the ceremony of passing of Bro.G.S.Sathiasekhar. The visiting Lodge gave 100kgs of rice to the CSI Boys Home Nagercoil. They gave medicines worth Rs.700/- to an Old Age Home and Rs.2000 towards Lodge Vivekananda Charity Fund. The charity collection of the evening amounting to Rs.1000/- was given to Lodge Engineers’ charity account.

5. Lodge Vanchinad No. 273 Kollam
No Ceremony done.

6. Lodge Alleppey No. 275 Alleppey
Ceremony of Initiation of Bro.Mohammed Shafeeq. W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj , The ARGM was present and gave the Charge after Initiation. W.Bro.Dr.M.R.Subramaniam, a PM of the Lodge did the initiation ceremony, W.Bro. J.Zacharia gave the Charge from the NE and Bro.Sunil Mathew the SD explained the TB. A sum of Rs 1500/- was given to the RGL towards medical expense of Mrs.Renuka.

7. Lodge Ananthapadmanabha No. 280 Trivandrum
Ceremony of Raising of Bro.Perumal Gie Mathew.

8. Lodge Tamiravarni No. 289 Tirunelveli
Initiation Ceremony of Bro. Jayaram Singh Nayan Singh. A team of RGL officers did the ceremony. W.Bro. R.Sushil Raj ARGM occupied the eastern chair and initiated the candidate. The charge in the NE was given by W.Bro.Gomathynayagam, the Wkg. Tls. by W.Bro.Velayutham, the Warrant Charge by W.Bro.O.S.Kasivyswanathan, the Charge after Initiation by the ARGM and the TB by W.Bro.S.Kesavan. As part of charity, medicines worth Rs.6500/- was given to the Hindu Mission Hospital. The project was sponsored by W.Bro.Kumaraguru. A sum of Rs.2000/- was given to RGL towards medical expense of Mrs.Renuka.

9. Lodge Pearl City No. 290 Thoothukudi
It was the 150th meeting of the Lodge. The initiation ceremony of S.Balaji was done. A sum of Rs.1555/- was given to RGL towards medical expense for Mrs.Renuka.

10. Lodge Aruvi No. 293 Courtallam
No meeting during the month.

11. Lodge Palai No. 318 Palai
No meeting during the month.

12. Lodge Travancore No. 329 Thiruvananthapuram.
Passing Ceremony of Bro. Mohan Kumar. The Lodge gave Rs.5000/- to RGL towards medical expense for Mrs.Renuka. W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj The ARGM attended the meeting The Lodge also took up a charity project of building a house for a poor widow. The WM and the ARGM W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj laid the foundation stone for the house on Friday the 24th in the presence of senior PMs’ and other brethren.

The meeting of the Ladies of the Fraternity was also held during the month. W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj the ARGM and R.W.Bro.K.R.Rajasekharan Nayar PRGM addressed the meeting and shared the views of the Ladies about the possibility of forming an Association of Masons’ Wives in Trivandrum comprising of all the Lodges in the City. Mrs. Jaya Gopalan Nair, Mrs.Sarala Jayapalan, Mrs.Rekha Raveendran and Mrs.Sarah Kuruvilla were entrusted with the task of exploring the possibility of such a venture. The Ladies of the Fraternity later in their meeting elected Prema Santhikumar as its Chair person, Reena Sudeesh Secretary and Sarah Kuruvilla as theTreasurer, to succeed the present team led excellently well by Dr.Krishna Balachandran.

13. Kerala Masters’ Lodge No.309
Paper presented by W.Bro.D.Santhi Kumar. The review of the ‘Land Mark’ was done by W.Bro.K.P.George.

The Highlight of the month was the attendance at the RGL at Salem. The area had 100 registrations. Lodge Vivekananda with 25, the highest from any lodge in the region, followed by Lodge Pearl City with 18 and Lodge Travancore with 11. The area has also contributed a total sum of Rs.12755/- to the RGL towards medical expense of Mrs.Renuka.


Report on the RGL Meeting at Salem - 4th, 5th September 2004

A report by W.Bro.S.Krishnan, Lodge Pearlcity No.290.

The Half Yearly Convocation of The Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India for the year 2004 was held at Salem on 4th and 5th September 2004. This RGL meet had the unique significance, that it was the last RGL meet chaired by RW Bro. Dr. Balaram Biswakumar as RW The Regional Grand Master of Southern India. This RGL meet marked the culmination of his tenure, which has been one of the finest in the recent past.

The Half Yearly meet started colourfully with the Charity Bazaar being organized with a number of stalls, where masons and their families exhibited their products for sale. Major portion of the sale proceeds went to the charity funds. The registration counters were all properly organized with separate counters for each State. Incidentally, the Area under our ARGM W.Bro. R. Sushil Raj provided the maximum registrations, with Lodge Vivekananda at the top of list with 25 registrations – the largest by any Lodge in the meet.

The activities started off on the 4th morning with the meeting of the Masters and Secretaries of various lodges with the RGM and other RGL officials. It was a useful session for all the participants with a number of suggestions and ideas for improvement being exchanged among the RGL officials and the Masters and Secretaries. Afterwards, the Madras Masters Lodge met at the Freemasons Hall. The meeting was followed by a Masonic seminar on “Freemasonic Secrets - Conceptions and Misconceptions” organized by the Madras Masters Lodge, which was attended by a number of masons including MW the Grand Master MW Bro.Arun Chintopanth and the RW the RGM. Four papers were presented, and discussed. A sumptuous lunch was served to the masons and families after the meeting.

In the meanwhile, there was a lot of fun around, with a quiz for the Masonic families and fund-raising games being organized by the brethren of Lodge Mahamaham of Kumbakonam for their temple construction.

The brethren assembled at the Hotel Chenney’s Gateway at 5.00 p.m. for the Half Yearly convocation of the RGL. The beautiful air-conditioned hall at the Hotel was full with around 850 masons assembled there. The RGM was received precisely at 5.30 p.m. and the rest of the proceedings followed. The RGM of Eastern India and Northern India and the representative of the District Grand Master of Madras were ceremoniously received into the assembly. The MW the Grand Master was also received along with his deputation of officers. After the usual items in the Agenda, the winners of the RWC for the year 2003 were announced and the awards and trophies were presented. The RGMs of other regions and the District Grand Lodge representative addressed the gathering and they all complimented the brethren of Salem for the wonderful arrangements and hospitality.

RW the RGM of SI RW Bro.Dr.Balaram Biswakumar addressed the gathering. He spoke about his tenure of 3 years and he also expressed his happiness over the number of delegates the meet had attracted. He specially appreciated the efforts of ARGM W.Bro. R. Sushil Raj for doing a splendid job of organising 2.4 tonnes of dhanya dhan on a single day from his area. Three brethren were given merit certificates for their service to masonry. One among them was V.W.Bro.Abraham Marcos of Kottayam. W.Bro.T.T. Kuruvilla of Kottayam made a presentation on the link between the Craft and the Royal Arch, in his own inimitable style, which enraptured the assembly. All these achievements were like jewels in the crown for our ARGM W.Bro. R. Sushil Raj, who is motivating all the lodges under his care to have greater benchmarks this year.

MW the Grand Master then occupied the Eastern Chair and made one of the finest discourses on Karma Yoga and Nishkama Karma and their linkage with the various tenets of freemasonry. He then finally related those qualities to R.W. Bro. V. Sarangapani of Madurai, on whom the highest award in Masonry in India, the Order of Service to Masonry, was conferred. In his address, he also mentioned about the quantum leap the Southern Region had made under the leadership of RW Bro.Dr.Balaram Biswakumar. He then declared the name of R.W.Bro.G.K. Selvarajan, as the successor to the present RGM.

The RGL was closed in due and ample form. The brethren were then treated to a sumptuous dinner at the Freemasons Hall. The evening was filled with fun and entertainment with contests held for Best couple, and a round of Tambola. The RGM also participated by singing a couple of songs, accompanied by W.Bro. V.G.Madhoo. A raffle was then drawn where our ARGM, R. Sushil Raj, bagged 3 of the top 5 prizes which included a Diamond Ring!
On Sunday, the 5th September, the half yearly convocation of the Regional Grand Chapter and the Regional Grand Mark Lodge were held at the Hotel Chenney’s Gateway with the same pomp and splendour. The brethren then departed after lunch at the Freemason’s Hall.



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