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Annual Report

Annual Report for the year - 2002.



The Standing Committee of Lodge Trivandrum No.168 has immense pleasure to present the Annual Report for the year 2002.


At the regular Meeting held on the 19th of January 2002 Bro.Somasekharan Ramnath was duly installed in the Eastern Chair as the Worshipful Master of the Lodge according to the ancient customs by R.W.Bro.K.R.Rajasekharan Nayar O S M, P.Dy.G M, P R G M, in a solemn and impressive ceremony, in the presence of W.Bro. A.P.M. Abdul Khadir, A R G M, representative of R.W.the Regional Grand Master. The Installation meeting was well attended by a large number of brethren. W.Bro. S.Ramnath appointed and invested his officers.


During the period twelve Regular Meetings and four Emergency Meetings were held. Four candidates were initiated, four brethren were passed and five brethren were raised. There were two ceremonies of Presentation of Long Term Service Jewels and a Funeral Lodge Service was also held.

  1. In one of the Emergency Meetings, held on 28-04-2002 a Funeral Lodge Service was held in memory of our departed brethren, W.Bro.R.Sekhar, W.Bro.M.P.Neelakantan Nair, W.Bro. R.Harikumar and Bro.R.K.Karayalar.

  2. An Emergency Meeting was convened, 09-06-2002 to present 25 Years Long Term Service Jewels to Bro.N.Mahesh, Bro.K.K.Kamath, Bro.Ajith Thampan and W.Bro.P.A.Thomas. The Jewels were presented by R.W. the Regional Grand Master, R.W.Bro.(Dr).Balaram Biswakumar.

  3. At the meeting held on 09-06-2002 R.W.Bro.(Dr).B.Biswakumar was presented with an Address of Felicitation on his appointment as the Regional Grand Master of the Region.

  4. Another Emergency Meeting was convened, on 24-11-2002 where R.W.the Regional Grand Master presented 25Yrs Long Term Service Jewels to W.Bro.V.P.Velayudhan, Bro.C.P.N.Nair, Bro.L.V.MohanKumar,Bro.S.N.Nair,Bro.O.S.Menon, Bro.M.R.P.Menon, Bro.D.N.Prasad, and Bro.P.E.Subramonian.

  5. Lodge participated in the Ritual Working Competition First stage (ceremony of Raising) on 15-06 2002, and was selected for the Second Stage. The second stage (ceremony of Initiation) was held on 08-12-2002 and the results are awaited.

  6. Freemasons' Family Day Celebrations was organised jointly with Lodge Ananthapadmanabha No.280 and Lodge Travancore No.329. The event proved to be a grand success, by the participation and involvement of brethren and their families.

  7. Past Masters' Day was celebrated on the 19th of October. An initiation ceremony was conducted by W.Bro.P.B.Menon and a Passing ceremony was conducted by W.Bro.P.Balachandran Nair. Both the ceremonies were made very impressive with the Past Masters filling various offices.

  8. The Lodge co-sponsored the Regional Workshop on Director of Ceremonies and contributed a sum of Rs.2000-00 for the successful conduct of the Workshop. A number of brethren participated in the Workshop.

  9. Bro.P. Vijay kumar visited Lodge Charity Jarmen No. 362 at USA and conveyed our fraternal Greetings to them.

The membership strength at the beginning of the year was 140. During the period there were four initiations. Bro.B.N.Nair was summoned to the Grand Lodge Above on the 26th of April 2002. Three brethren opted to resign due to failing health. The total number of subscribing members on the rolls as on 31st December 2002, is 140.

  Ritual Working Competition

W.Bro.Maj.Gen.M.Kesavan Nair A.V.S.M. was awarded the Lodge Pearlcity Trophy for the Best Master of the Area, in the Ritual Working Competition -2001.

The following brethren were also awarded Certificates of Merit in the First (I) and Second (II) Stages of the Competition held in 2001.


W.Bro.Maj.Gen.M.Kesavan Nair A V S M - (I) Charge after Initiation
Bro.P.Vijay Kumar - (I) Explanation of the Tracing Board.
Bro.S.Ramnath - (II) Senior Warden.


  Grand Lodge and Regional Grand Lodge Ranks.

The following brethren of our Lodge were conferred with Grand Lodge and Regional Grand Lodge Ranks.


Grand Ranks - 2002

Active Ranks

W.Bro.Brig.V.Krishnan Nair AVSM - Dy. G Swd Br
W.Bro.A.P.M. Abdul Khadir - G Std Br

Past Ranks

V.W.Bro.M.Ramaswamy Iyer - P G Registrar
W.Bro.D.Santhi Kumar - P G S twd

At the Grand Festival held in November 2002, V.W.Bro. M. Ramaswamy Iyer was promoted as Past Junior Grand Warden, elevating him to the rank of Right Worshipful Brother.




Regional Grand Lodge Ranks - 2002

Active Ranks

W.Bro.A.P.M. Abdul Khadir - P A R G M
W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj - R G D of C
W.Bro.M.M.Syed Ismail - R G Bearer of VSL

Past Ranks

W.Bro.M.K.Sreeharshan - A R G M
W.Bro.P.B.Menon - P R G I G
W.Bro.R.Krishnan - P A R G I G
W.Bro.P.Balachandran Nair - P R G Stwd


The following brethren have registered 100% attendance in the meetings held during the year under report.

W.Bro.(Dr) R.Ravikumar and W.Bro.A. Jayapalan

  1. Lodge donated a sum of Rs.2500-00 to Sri.P.Gopalakrishnan (Caretaker of the Lodge) to meet his medical expenditure.

  2. Sri.P.Gopalakrishnan continued to receive a sum of Rs.250-00 every month under the monthly benevolence scheme of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India Charitable Trust till his demise on the 20 th of June 2002.

  3. The Lodge donated a sum of Rs.5000-00 to the widow of Late.P.Gopalakrishnan.

  4. The Lodge presented books worth Rs.5000-00 to the poor students of Prathibha Poshini. The books were handed over by R.W.Bro (Dr) B.Biwakumar. R.W.Bro.B.Biswakumar also donated a handsome amount for this cause.

  5. The Lodge donated a sum of Rs.1500-00 to the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India Charitable Trust.

  6. A cash award of Rs.3000-00 was given to Kum.Rajitha, a poor student who has won several Gold Medals in the State Level Swimming Competitions. The award was presented by R.W.the Regional Grand Master.

The following papers were presented under Masonic Education during the period under report


February 2002 - The role of Almoner and the Importance of Charity - W.Bro.D.Santhikumar

March 2002 - In Search of Truth W.Bro.T.Ravindran

April 2002 - The Level and the Square Bro.Rajnish Clement

May 2002 - Visit to Lodge Charity Jarmen No 362 Bro. P.Vijay Kumar

July 2002 - Introduction to Holy Royal Arch Bro.P.Vijay kumar

August 2002 - World Conference of Masonic Lodges R.W.Bro. K.R.Rajasekharan Nayar O S M

September 2002 - Origin of Tassels W.Bro.P.B.Menon

November 2002 - Letter to a Master Mason Bro.M.B.Sanil Kumar,
Freemasonry in the Future R.W.Bro.B.Biswakumar RGM

December 2002 - What impressed me most in Masonry Bro.P.S.Joy Jyothis.


The Lodge made a contribution of Rs.1, 02,500-00-to the Trust, during the year under report. R.W.Bro. K.R.Rajasekharan Nayar O S M has been elected as the Managing Trustee. The construction of the temple is in progress.


A group ID was created by enlisting all the brethren having E Mail ID, and this proved to be a very effective channel of communication among brethren. The service rendered by Bro.P.Vijay kumar in this regard is gratefully acknowledged.


The Financial position of the Lodge continues to be sound. Current year's subscriptions is due from six brethren and efforts are being made to collect the arrears. The audited statement of accounts and the Balance Sheet are appended.


Bro.B.N.Nair was summoned to the Grand Lodge above on 26 April 2002. The Lodge deeply mouns the sad demise of Bro. B.N. Nair and pray that his soul rests in peace.


R.W.Bro.K.R.Rajasekharan Nayar O.S.M. and W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj represented the Lodge as delegates to the World Conference of Masonic Lodges held in New Delhi on 7th and 8th November 2002.

The Lodge was represented by a large number of brethren at the Grand Festival held at New Delhi and at the Half Yearly Meeting of the Regional Grand Lodge held at Mysore.

A well designed and compact Directory of Members was released during the year.

A full set of new collars and gauntlets were acquired by the Lodge during the year.

All returns and statements to RGL and GL were despatched promptly and all dues to RGL and GL were paid well before due dates.

Past Masters were actively involved in the affairs of the Lodge. The Lodge maintained high standard in ritual working and many Junior brethren were afforded opportunity to participate in the ceremonies. The year 2002 was marked by a unique blend of balanced activity in the Lodge and perfect harmony and brotherhood among the members.


The standing committee has immense pleasure to place on record their deep appreciation of the able leadership of W.Bro. S.Ramnath and his team of officers for the year 2002.


For and on behalf of the Standing Committee

31 - 12 - 2002.


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