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W.Bro.Rajagopal K.V
Worshipful Master 2018
Lodge Trivandrum No. 168

W.Bro. Rajagopal was born on 14th July 1959 and was initiatied into Freemasonry on 18th April 2009.

Rajagopal is the Chief Executive Officer of Anand Niketan - a full service contracting company offering professional build and design services as well as real estate buying and selling, rentals, and property management services.

Rajagopal is married to Savitha, and they are blessed with a son and a daughter.

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Officers of Lodge Trivandrum No.168

W. Bro. K.V. Rajagopal W.M
W. Bro. Sankar Krishnan I.P.M
Bro. Surendranath Amarnath S.W.
Bro. Anil Kesavan J.W.
W. Bro. Sudhakar Rao Chaplain
W. Bro. R. Sridhar Treasurer
W. Bro. Dr. Raghavan Prakasam Secretary
W. Bro. Dr. J. Sunil Kumar Dir. of Cer.
Bro. Dr. Madhav Manoj S.D.
Bro. Dr. Kishore Somanathan J.D.
Bro. Santhosh Cherian B.V.S.L.
Bro. Sankaranarayanan P.D. B.V.S.L.
Bro. Dr. Vivek Prakasam B.V.S.L.
Bro. Dr. Philip Oommen B.V.S.L.
Bro. Kathiresh Kandaswamy B.V.S.L.
Bro. Dr. Abraham Thomas Sword Bearer
Bro. Brig. G. Mohan Asst. Secretary
Bro. Anil Sreedhar Asst. D of C
Bro. Dr. R. Achuthan Nair Almoner
Bro. Dr. Vishnu Sunil Jayakumar Organist
Bro. Deepak Krishnakumar I.G.
W. Bro. B.P. Dinesh Pres. of Stewards
Bro. Nikhil Pradeep Steward
Bro. Vinay Prathap Pillai Steward
Bro. Dr. Nesaraj Harrison Steward
Bro. Abhilash Jayapal Steward
Bro. Jithin Mathew Kurien Steward
W. Bro. Dr. Manoj C. Balagopal Tyler

Elected Members of the Standing Committee:
R. W. Bro. D. Santhikumar and W. Bro. Rajenesh Clement

Preceptors of the Masonic Study Circle:
R.W.Bro. P.G. Sukumaran Nair, R. W. Dr. Ravi Kumar,
R.W.Bro. Dr. G.R. Nandakumar, R. W.Bro. P.B. Menon

Chief Editor: W. Bro.S. Ramnath
Asst. Editor: Bro. Abhilash Jayapal
Web Editor:
R. W. Bro. A. Jayapalan
Web Master: R. W. Bro. P. Vijay Kumar

W. Bro. Rejnish Kumar, W. Bro. S. Sreekumar
W. Bro.B.V. Krishna Kumar, W.Bro.N.S. Thankaprasad


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