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Annual Report

Annual Report for the year - 2003.



The Standing Committee of Lodge Trivandrum No.168 has immense pleasure to present the Annual Report for the year 2003.


At the regular Meeting held on 25th January 2003, Bro.Ashok Gopalan Nair was duly installed in the Eastern Chair as the Worshipful Master of the Lodge according to ancient custom by W.Bro. Akhilesh Gopalan Nair in a solemn and impressive ceremony, in the presence of W.Bro.A.P.M.Abdul Khadir ARGM, representative of R.W. the Regional Grand Master. The Installation meeting was well attended by a large number of brethren. W.Master and brethren from Lodge Minchin No.2710 EC were also present at the meeting. W.Bro. Ashok G. Nair appointed and invested his officers.


During the period, twelve Regular Meetings and one Emergency Meeting were held. Three candidates were initiated, three brethren were passed and three brethren were raised. There was also a ceremony of Presentation of Long Term service Jewel.


Most Worshipful the Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Dilip Dwarakadas Udeshi, visited the Lodge on 28th September 2003.

Right Worshipful the Regional Grand Master , R.W.Bro.Balaram Biswakumar visited the Lodge on 28th September 2003.

W.Bro.S.Gomathinayagam , Assistant Regional Grand Master, visited the Lodge a number of times and has evinced keen interest in the affairs of the Lodge.



An Emergency Meeting was convened on 28th September to present 25Years Long Term Service Jewel to W.Bro.Brig.V.K.Nair. P.Dy.R.G.M.


The Jewel was presented by R.W.Bro.Balaram Biswakumar, Right Worshipful the Regional Grand Master.



Lodge participated in the First Stage of Ritual Working Competition .

Freemasons' Family Day Celebrations was jointly organized with Lodge Ananthapadmanabha No 280 and Lodge Travancore No.329. The Lodge contributed a sum of Rs.5000-00 towards the conduct of the Family Day Celebrations. The event proved to be a grand success.

The Past Masters' Day was celebrated on the 22nd of November 2003. W.Bro. A.Gopalan Nair conducted a Passing ceremony and W.Bro. A.Jayapalan and W.Bro. Akhilesh G.Nair conducted a Raising ceremony with Past Masters filling the various offices for both the ceremonies.

The Lodge co-sponsored the Regional Workshop on Lodge Administration . A number of brethren participated in the Workshop.


The membership strength, at the beginning of the year was140. During the period 1 brother resigned and 6 ceasations under Rule 124. During the period there were three Initiations. Bro.Ravi Karunakaran, one of our founder member, was summoned to the Grand Lodge above on the 25th of November 2003. The total number of subscribing members on the rolls as on 31st December 2003 is 135. On 31 st December 2003, resignation was received from Bro.T. S. Padmanabhan and one brother ceased to be a member as per rule 124.

  Grand Lodge Ranks
  Active Rank
  W. Bro.G.Raghuvaran G.Std.Br.
  Past Ranks
  R.W.Bro M.Ramaswamy Iyer P.J.G.W
  W.Bro.M.R.B.Menon P.G.Org
  W.Bro.R.Ravikumar P.G.Mars
  W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj P.G.Mars
  W.Bro.P.A.Thomas P.G.I.G
  W.Bro.A.Jayapalan P.G.I.G
  W.Bro.M.K.Sreeharshan P.A.G.I.G
  W.Bro.G.R.Nandakumar P.A.G.I.G
  Regional Grand Lodge Ranks
  Active Ranks
  W.Bro.D.Santhi Kumar S.R.G.D
  W.Bro(Maj.Gen) M.Kesavan Nair R.G.Stwd
  Past Ranks
  W.Bro.A.P.M.Abdul Khadir P.Dy.R.G.M
  W.Bro.M.K.Sreeharshan P.Dy.R.G.M
  W.Bro.R.Ravikumar P.A.R.G.M
  W.Bro.P.A.Thomas P.A.R.G.M
  W.Bro.G.R.Nandakumar P.J.R.G.W
  W.Bro.A.Jayapalan P.J.R.G.W
  W.Bro.R.Sushil Raj P.J.R.G.W
  W.Bro.M.M.Syed Ismail P.R.G.Regr
  W.Bro.D.Santhi Kumar P.Pr.R.G.B.of G.P
  W.Bro.T.Ravindran P.R.G.B.V.S.L
  W.Bro.R.Krishnan P.R.G.Mars
  W.Bro.K.G.Rajasekharan Nair P.R.G.I.G
  W.Bro.Akhilesh G.Nair P.R.G.I.G
  W.Bro.P.Balachandran Nair P.Pr.R.G.Stwds
  Ritual Working Competition 2002
  Certificate of Merit - 1st Stage
  W.Bro.S.Ramnath W.Master
  Bro.Venugopal B. Menon Senior Deacon
  Bro.Ashok G.Nair Traditional History II Part
  Bro.V.R.Hari Kumar Tracing Board
  Bro.M.B.Sanil Kumar Working Tools
  Bro.P.Vijay Kkumar Final Charge
  Certificate of Merit - 2nd Stage
  W.Bro.S.Ramnath W. Master
  Bro.V.R.Hari Kumar Junor Deacon
  Ritual Working Competition 2003 - 1st Stage
  Following Recommendations were made by the Judges -
  Bro.P.Vijay Kumar Best Junior Deacon
  Bro.P.Vijay Kumar Cert. of Merit - Tracing Board
  Bro.V.R.Harikumar Cert. of Merit-Charge after Initiation

The following brethren have distinguished themselves by attending all the 13 Meetings of the Year

  • W.Bro.A.Jayapalan
  • W.Bro.(Maj.Gen). M.Kesavan Nair
  • Bro.V.Sudhakar Rao

The following brethren have attended 12 out of the 13 Meetings held during the year

  • W.Bro.R.Ravikumar
  • W. Bro. G. R. Nandakumar
  • Bro.A.S.Ben Roy
  • Bro.V.J.Thomas
  • Bro.R.Sridhar

Lodge donated a sum of Rs.2, 500-00 to Mr.Thankaraj the popular singer for his medical treatment.



Lodge donated a sum of Rs.4, 000 to Prathibha Poshini a voluntary Organisation to aid their educational activities.



Lodge donated a sum of Rs.3, 000-00 to Smt. Pushpa Bhai a poor lady, to meet the educational expenses of her daughter


The following papers were presented under Masonic Education during the period under report



Feb 2003

The Statue of Liberty

Bro,Dr.Joy Jyothis

Mar 2003

Masonic Symbols


April 2003

Forget Me Not


May 2003

Masonry in New South Wales

W.Bro.P.G.Sukumaran Nayar

June 2003

Who Compiled Rituals


July 2003

The Prestonian Lectures

Bro.R. Sridhar

Aug 2003

Evolution of Grand Lodge of India


Sept 2003

Report on the RGL Meet at Vijayawada

W.Bro.D.Santhi Kumar


Website of Lodge Trivandrum






The Lodge made a contribution of Rs.70, 000 to the Trust during the year. The construction of the temple is in progress.


The Lodge is co-sponsoring the ensuing RGL Meet at Thiruvananthapuram on the 31st of January 2004. The Lodge advanced a sum of Rs.35, 000-00 to the corpus fund. Many of our brethren are holding key positions in the Organising Committee.

The website of the Lodge was visited by a number of brethren from all over the world. The site is regularly up-dated. The services rendered by Bro.P.Vijay Kumar and W.Bro.A.Jayapalan are gratefully acknowledged.

The group ID proved to be an effective line of communication among the brethren, during the current year also. It is expected that the brethren will make best use of this facility.


The Financial position of the Lodge continues to be sound. The are no arrears of subscription.


Bro.Ravi Karunakaran , a founder member of the Lodge was summoned to the Grand Lodge above on 25-11-2003. The Lodge deeply mourns the sad demise of Bro.Ravi Karunakaran and prays that his soul rests in peace.

  • The Lodge was represented by a large number of brethren at the Half Yearly Meeting of the RGL at Vijayawada and at the Grand Festival held at Bangalore.
  • TheMembership Directory was revised and issued to the brethren.
  • All Returns and Statements to RGL and GLI were dispatched promptly and all dues were paid.
  • Past Masters were actively involved in the affairs of the Lodge. The Lodge maintained a high standard in the ritual working and many junior brethren were provided with opportunity to participate in the ceremonies.

The Standing Committee has immense pleasure to place on record their deep appreciation of the able leadership of W.Bro.Ashok G.Nair and his team of officers for the year 2003.

For and on behalf of the Standing Committee

31 - 12 - 2003.


Bro.Sunil Gangadharan
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