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W. Bro. D. Santhi Kumar P. A. Gr. D of C

Assistant Regional Grand Master
Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India.

February 2006
RGL Meet at Hyderabad

The Regional Grand Lodge Meeting of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India was held on the 18 th of February 2006 at Hyderabad .

21 Brethren from our Area attended the Meeting, including Senior Brethren - R W Bro. K R Rajasekharan Nayar OSM PRGM, R W Bro. Dr. Abdul Kadir, V W Bro. A Gopalan Nair, V W Bro. Brig. V K Nair, W Bro. R Sushil Raj and W Bro. Dr. G Raghuvaran ARGM. All the Lodges in our Area were represented at the Meeting. The highlight our Area was the sterling performance of Lodge Vivekananda No.254 at the Ritual Working Competition. - Lodge Vivekananda No.254 was adjudged as the Best Lodge in the Area and was awarded the Pearl City Trophy. The Worshipful Master, W Bro. Dr. Nazeer Hussain was adjudged the Best Master in the Area and Bro. Dr. G Rajasekharan as the Best Senior Deacon in the Area. W Bro. T Ravindran of Lodge Ananthapadmanabha No.280 / Lodge Trivandrum No.168 was appointed and invested as the Senior Grand Warden. Seven Ladies from our Area had also participated in the Meet.

  Report on Activities of Lodges

Only 2 Lodges in the Area had their Meetings in February after 18th of February 2006.


Lodge Trivandrum No. 168 Thiruvananthapuram
Lodge Trivandrum No.168 had their Regular Meeting on Friday the 24 th of February 2006 (held by Dispensation in lieu of RGL Meet) at the Freemasons' Hall, Trivandrum . The ceremony of passing of Bro. Dr Manoj Chandini Balagopal was conducted by Worshipful Master, W Bro. Dr. V J Thomas in a very impressive manner. He was assisted excellently by Bro. Brig. G Mohan, who presented the Working Tools and Bro. S Sreekumar who explained the Tracing Board. The performance of Bro. Dr. R Rajnish Kumar, the Senior Deacon was also par excellent. The attendance at the Meeting was also very good. The Meeting was preceded by a Charity Project - A cash assistance of Rs.2500/= was accorded to one Sri. Varkey Joseph, a very poor person, who is undergoing treatment for Cancer and is now unable to pursue the Radiation Therapy for lack of funds. As Dhanya Dhan project, he was also assisted by giving him and his family 25 Kgs of rice. Bro. Dr. Rajnish Kumar, who is attached to the Regional Cancer Centre as a Senior Consultant, was very gracious in offering help to Sri. Varkey in every possible manner at the Centre. The Charity Project and the Meeting were attended by the ARGM

Lodge Travancore No. 329 Thiruvananthapuram.
Lodge Travancore No.329 had their 36 th Regular Meeting on Sunday the 26 th of February 2006 . The Initiation of Dr. Gibu Abraham Joseph was conducted in an excellent manner by Worshipful Master, W Bro. Roy Abraham. He was ably assisted by Bro. Satish Prabhu (N E Charge) Bro. B N Mohan Kumar ( Working Tools) Bro. S Sreekumar (Charge after Initiation ) & Bro. Kishore George (Tracing Board). It was really a treat to see all these young Brethren performing so wonderfully well. A Charity Project preceded the Meeting. “Asha Sadanam” is a home run with Government grand for Women discharged after treatment and recovery from the Mental Hospital, Trivandrum and who have no place to go. Asha Sadanam takes care of these poor women, by providing them, Boarding, Lodging and Medicines. This project is also funded by other social service organization. A cash assistance of Rs.2500/= was given to Asha Sadanam for the purchase odf Medicines for this Institute. The cheque was accepted by the Warden of the Institute. The project was conceived by Br. B P Dinesh. The Charity Project and the meeting were attended by AR GM.


The Meeting of the Thiruvananthapuram Masonic trust was held on Thursday the 23 rd of February 2006 . The Meeting was Chaired by the Trust Chairman W Bro. K R Rajasekharan Nayar OSM. The Chairman after reading the minutes of the last meeting explained to the members present the position of the Building as on date. The immediate requirement is to finish the roof of the first floor. With that the shell of the building will be complete and we could go ahead with the finishing. There is at present about Rs.3.00 lakhs with the trust which could be utilized to finish the roof of the 1 st floor. We have among us some excellent builders like Bro. Krishna Kumar and Bro. Roy Peter who could be approached for this work to be taken up. We may not give them any advance to start the work and on completion of the first floor roof, their Bills could be settled with the money the Trust has. The members were of the opinion that once this stage is over, the Trust could approach the Brethren who have not contributed towards the Building and a sum of minimum Rs.10.00 lakhs could be collected to finish the building. There are about 90 Masons (from both Lodges together) who have not contributed any monies to the Trust. Lodge Travancre No.329 also has to be requested to join the Trust immediately. The Trust Chairman with some senior Brethren will meet Bro. Krishna Kumar & Bro. Roy Peter and report the progress to the Trust.


All the Lodges in the Area are requested to comply with the following directives:


1. A meeting of the Worshipful Masters & Secretaries of all the Lodges in the Area is scheduled to be held on Sunday the 26 th March 2006 , at 4.00pm at the Freemasons' Hall, Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum . This meeting is primarily to discuss on the Ritual Working Competitions (First Stage) Other areas regarding Lodge Administrations and related matters can also be taken up.

2. Do not forget to send a sum of Rs.1500/= (from each Lodge) as contribution towards Newsletter – Masonsouth

3. Kindly visit Lodge Trivandrum No.168 Website.
The Worshipful Master of Lodge Trivandrum, W.Bro. Dr. V. J. Thomas and the Site Managers, W Bro. A. Jayapalan & Bro. P. Vijay kumar have graciously agreed to publish the reports of the ARGM in the site. We are thankful to them.


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