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W. Bro. D. Santhi Kumar P. A. Gr. D of C

Assistant Regional Grand Master
Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India.

May 2006
  Report on Activities of Lodges

Lodge Trivandrum No.168
The Regular Meeting of Lodge Trivandrum for the month of May was held on the 20th of May at 6-30 p.m. At the meeting two candidates (1) Mr.Narayanan Mahesh and (2) Mr.R.Aiyappan were favorably balloted for Initiation.

Bro. Kesavan Chandramohan was Raised to the Degree of Master Mason in an impressive ceremony conducted by the Worshipful Master. Bro. Sudhakar Rao presented the Working Tools.

Prior to the meeting Dhanya Dhan programme was undertaken where 50 Kgs of rice were donated to two poor ladies, Smt.Kamala and Smt. Lalitha. 32 brethren attended the meeting.

Lodge Vivekananda No.254
The regular meeting of Lodge was held on 13.05.06 at at 6.30pm at the Vivekananda Masonic Trust building, Kanyakumari.

Dr. Joseph Stephen was initiated into the mysteries and privileges of Free masonry, in an impressive ceremony by the Wr.Bro Dr. Gopal Surendran. The following Brethren ably assisted him:
Bro. Dr. Rajasekharan gave NE charge; Bro Kamalahasan explained Working Tools, the Charge after Initiation was given by Bro.Dr. Ajit Raghuvaran and the Tracing Board was explained by Bro. T. Gokul.

34 Brethren including the ARGM attended the meeting. W.Bro D.Santhi Kumar, ARGM presented the installed Masters Certificate to W.M Dr.Gopal Surendran. Bro. Dr. Austin Jayalal presented the Masonic Information to the Brethren.

Fellowship and Dinner after the customary toast followed the meeting.

Lodge Vanchinad No.273
The Regular Meeting of the Lodge was held on Sunday 21st May 2006 at 7.00pm under dispensation received from RGL. 20 Brethren were present and it was the first Meeting of W Bro. R. Jayaprasad as the Worshipful Master.

After passing the minutes and investing the Officers who were not invested, the Ceremony of Initiation of Mr. Rama Subbaya Saravana Sekhar was taken up and the Worshipful Master Initiated him into the Mysteries and Privileges of Freemasonry in an impressive manner. Bro. S Krishna Pillay presented the Working Tools, W Bro. Roy Abraham gave the Charge after the Initiation and Bro. Joseph Rodricks explained the Tracing Board. The Brethren who assisted the Worshipful Master did their portions in excellent manner.

After honouring the Charity Box the Lodge was closed in due and ancient form by the Worshipful Master.

A Banquet followed the meeting.

Lodge Ananthapdmanabha No. 280
The 198th Regular Meeting of Lodge Ananthapadmanabha No.280 was held on the 12th of May 2006, at the Freemasons Hall, Vazhuthacaud at 6.30pm.

24 Members attended the Meeting including one visitor.

W Bro. D S Padmanabhan Nair opened the Lodge and after going through the regular business, took up the item of raising of Bro. Pankaj C Govind to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason. After opening the Lodge in the Second Degree he entrusted the candidate, Bro. Pankaj C Govind with the Pass Grip and the Pass Word leading to the third degree. After the candidate was passed out, the Worshipful Master opened the Lodge in the third degree and requested R W Bro. M Ramaswamy Iyer to occupy the Eastern Chair and conduct the ceremony of raising. R W Bro. Ramaswamy Iyer performed the complete ceremony of Raising in an excellent manner.

Worshipful Master thanked R W Bro. Ramaswamy Iyer for conducting the ceremony of rising in such an impeccable manner. The Lodge was closed in due and ancient form by the Worshipful Master after circulating the Charity Box at 9.00pm. The usual festive board followed the meeting.

Lodge Aruvi No. 293
There was no Regular Meeting of the Lodge in May 2006 (as per the Bye Laws)

Lodge Palai No.318
The regular meeting of the Lodge was held on the 6th of May at 6.30 pm at Zalkar Gardens, Palai. At the meeting, Mr. George Joseph Manniparambil who had been proposed in the previous meeting was balloted for initiation and as the ballot proved clear and as Mr. George Joseph was present, the initiation was taken up immediately. The ceremony was conducted very well and the following portions were handled in an impressive manner by the brethren:

Charge in the North East

Bro Thomas Jose Kallivayalil

Working Tools

Bro. Abraham Kurian Kallivayalil

Charge after Initiation

Bro. Kurian Xavier

Tracing Board

Bro. Romy Joseph

Afterwards the brethren had an opportunity to interact with the senior brother R.W Bro. K.R. Rajasekharan Nayar OSM. He cleared doubts about decorum and about the Ritual Working Competition. He also answered queries raised by the brethren. It proved a most informative and educational experience.

After the Meeting the Brethren joined the Festive Board with the newly initiated brother and after an evening of fraternal companionship, departed in peace love and harmony.

Lodge Travancore No.329

Date of Meeting: 28th May, 2006.
Time: 05:30 p.m
Venue : Freemasons Hall, Vazthyacaud, Trivandrum - 14.
Meeting : 39th Regular Meeting.
Attendance at Meeting : 20
Visitors : None.

Ritual : Initiation of Bro. James M Mani, born on 10/05/1954, Proposed by W.Bro. James Verghese and seconded by W.Bro. Dr. Balachandran Nair on 26th March, 2006 and favorably ballotted on 22nd April, 2006

Worshipful Master conducted an excellent ceremony of Initiation and he was assisted by Bro. Satish Prabhu who gave the Charge at North-East, Bro. B. N. Mohankumar who explained the Working Tools, Bro. Dr. Sacha J Gomez gave the Charge after Initiation and W.Bro. R. Sushil Raj explained the Tracing Board.

Worshipful Master also thanked W.Bro. R. Sushil Raj for acting as the Junior Warden, and Bro. B. N. Venugopal for acting as the Senior Deacan.

The meeting was attended by The Worshipful, The Assistant Regional Grand Master, W.Bro. D. Santhikumar. At the second time of rising the ARGM conveyed his fraternal greetings on Behalf of Right Worshipful, The Regional Grand Master, W.Bro. G. K. Selvarajan and the officers of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India. The ARGM also congratulated Bro. Sacha Gomez on the excellent charge delivered after initiation and also wished the Lodge well for the forthcoming Ritual Working Competition.

W.Bro. Dr. Balachandran Nair also requested all brethren to take active steps to identify the deserving candidates for our long term project of providing assistance to deserving students.

W.Bro. Dr. Balachandran Nair also proposed the name of Dr.Ramadas Pisharody, as a fit and proper person to be made a freemason and the proposal was seconded by W.Bro. D. Santhikumar.

The Lodge took up for balloting two candidates Mr. Mahesh Kumar, born on 13.07.69 and Mr. Prem Kataria, born on 06.04.1965 proposed in the open lodge on 22nd April, 2006. The ballot proved clear.

Bro. S. S. Chandrababu, reported on the Colombo tour planned by the Lodge and informed that he had established contacts with the District Grand Secretary of Lodge in Colombo and would pass on the information to the secretary to follow up. At the outset he reported that there seemed no problems in our Lodge going to Colombo for conducting a meeting provided we get proper dispensation from the GLI. The Lodge agreed to pursue this further and make this Tour to Colombo a success.

Lodge Travancore decided to actively participate in the Universal Brotherhood Day along with other Lodges in the City.

Charity Project: None.

There was lot of comraderie in the Festive Board after the Meeting.


D Santhi Kumar


Grand Lodge of India

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